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Strategic Property Advice

To prosper in todays competitive business environment, business needs a strategic plan for its business and its property.

Larger companies typically have an in house team to optimise the firm's investment in its property needs, but smaller firms rarely have the time or resources to devote to this area of their business, frequently resulting in smaller firms “making do” with space that may not actually fit the longer term need, and potentially wasting resources paying for space they no longer use.

Our strategic property service can help your business to identify its property needs to meet its business objectives, helping to make the best use of the resources it has tied up in commercial property. Our service is tailored to the needs of your business. We can review any property whether it is owned freehold or held on a lease and whether it is occupied or not, analysing the real cost of the space and working with you to establish your current property needs and those required for future known plans. We will analyse your present property commitments, identify the costs, and prepare a plan that you can review in parallel with your business plan. This will highlight the options available, which may range from leaving things as they are, to a full scale re-structuring of your property portfolio.

Contact: Philip Lapper BSc (Hons) or Jonathan Webber FRICS IRRV.